Founder of the OMR ® Process, Spiritual Awakener,
Woman and Mother, Therapist, Medium, Speaker

Who am I?

I am above all a sensitive living Being who simply chooses to be fully ‘herself’ and inspire others as I am by sharing my truth. I love life in all its forms. I am passionate about listening, hearing, exploring, discovering Humankind and Life. letting myself be inspired and offering space to all experiences. Today my mission is to participate in the awakening of consciousness, which recognises, understands and accompanies the individual towards his heart, towards ‘his self love’. I love to be the mother Sophia who feels, carries and comforts.

Mother of 5 children and grandmother, I was born in 1976 in Mauritius in a multicultural family. I feel a deep connection and immense gratitude towards my ancestors who came from the 4 corners of the world, China, India, Europe and Africa. They have passed on to me through genetics, their cultural and spiritual roots and wealth. My life is my school. I love and thank all those who have passed through my life – the different chapters, the parentheses, the joys, the pains, the surprises, the teachings, the blessings, and all forms of connection to the Living. My senses have been and still are constantly stimulated. My many experiences in relationships, personally and professionally have enriched me deeply. As a woman, a daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend, a therapist, a healer, I experience daily the true human nature in its power and its vulnerabilities.
What is the purpose of this? To learn to feel and vibrate in Unconditional Love…

In 2006, the birth of my daughter Léonie – my 4th child, born with a macrocephaly-hypertrophy of the head, a capillary malformation. This led me to a professional reconversion, the « Biodynamic Craniosacral ». It was then obvious to me: a call! To put myself at the service of humanity and difference. In 2017, following numerous epileptic seizures, Leonie, who was in a coma, left us, but returned in another way. I witnessed this near death experience. It was a gift, a teaching. I really understood that the human body, this energetic envelope, is the vehicle of our soul and that our Spirit is our consciousness which links the soul to the body. It is our consciousness that lives experiences of Life and it is our consciousness that has the control of our Life.

After 25 years of research and experience through different approaches, I founded the OMR® process which includes an energetic and shamanic approach. My toolbox is composed of multiple methods:

Craniosacral Therapy, Intuitive OMR Healing, Mediumship, Harmonic Techniques, Systema Massage, Janzu Water Process, Light & Field Therapy, Potential Activation, Corporate Self Management

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My Life mission

  • Awaken consciousness, to bring balance by being a guardian of harmony on Earth.
  • Spiritualize the Material and Materialize the Spiritual
  • Express – What we repress, is printed
  • Dedramatize – Things that are resisted, persisted
  • Rooting – What we run from, pursue
  • Letting go – What affects us infects us
  • Empowering – What we face, fades away
  • Unify – What we visualize, materializes
  • Shine – What we bless, delights us!

For whom?

For you who are here on my site. Whatever motivates you to be here now, you can trust the call of your soul. You will find what is right for you, your couple, your questions, your feelings, your family, your relationships, your children and teenagers, your pregnancy, your spiritual evolution, your ailments, obstacles, fears, doubts and traumas.

My approach

A holistic approach that takes into account all aspects of the human being: energetic, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Together we engage in a conscious process of empowerment to free ourselves and regain power over our own lives. The illness/unwell-being then becomes our ally, a kind of compass to guide us towards the best way to regain an overall well-being.

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What to expect from our sessions?

I offer you a caring, respectful, gentle and empathetic space. Online or in person, sitting or lying down, we talk, we exchange, we listen together to your body, your pains, your vibrations and your needs.

I am entirely present and at your service with my toolbox, my channeling skills and my sensitivity. This work in the body and your subtle dimensions will allow you to remove what no longer serves you, what prevents you from being well, in order to reconnect to yourself and your heart. You will feel more liberated with a new set of ears and eyes. I will give you keys to manage stress, your physical, emotional and mental tensions. You will have a new vision of your problems and your life.

I work in French, English and German in individual, couple, group and corporate sessions.

Yes, we should commit ourself!

We are made of energy, so our emotions and thoughts are also energy. When you reach a low vibrational state of feeling lacking, useless, hopeless… your energy field (aura) starts to feel like a prison, it deflates. Your body starts to hurt, it tries to talk to you (mal-a-dit). Trying to switch to positive thinking will not be enough at this point, you need to tackle the root energetic and physical problem.

It’s like if your bike has a flat tyre, you can put your finger on it to keep the air out, but after you inflate it, as soon as you move away from the tyre and try to ride again, you have the same problem… a flat tyre. You have to commit to fixing the problem for good.
I can help you find the cause of your energy leakage or any other problem you have.

In loving light,

Experience and Qualifications


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