with Self

Woman alone and depressed at seaside

How are you feeling right now?

Are you looking for meaning, deeper dimensions, growth, release, healing, liberation?

Are you at a new stage in your life – do you want to reach new levels of inspiration, creativity and performance?

Are you facing a personal or professional challenge – tired, lost, desperate, depressed, resigned?

Do you feel stuck in a repetitive pattern? Do you have the feeling of going in circles, of no longer feeling at your place?

Are you in burn-out or do you have chronic physical and emotional pain?

OMR® Retreats with Sophia


Over 4 to 8 days, OMR® Retreats are experiences of profound inner transformation.
They enable you to reconnect with your true self and change the perception of your reality. The OMR® process brings to light all the facets of what you’re experiencing, as well as the patterns in your life.

OMR® workshops and Constellation bring liberation, serenity and reconciliation with Self.

3 types of OMR® Retreats

Sophia sew reconnection au soi 313x250

Reconnection to Self

Sophia Sew Retraite OMR Special Couple 2 o 500

Special Couple

retraite omr special janzu avec sophia sew ile maurice 500

Special Janzu

What can you expect from this retreat?

  • Resonate with each person’s story
  • Recognise your true needs
  • Understand who you are
  • Recreate the expression of your Life
  • Awaken your consciousness and the parameters of your mind and emotions.
  • Reconnect with our Original Matrix (Who I really am)


  • Workshops
  • Deep Sharing
  • Meditations to the sound of Tibetan bowls
  • Explore silence
  • Nature walks
  • Laughter, tears and joy
  • Creative activities

A unique experience of reconnection to Self

This OMR retreat is the most revealing retreat I have ever made, if compared to previous ones.

I was taken away from my own mechanism, me, the beholder of my thoughts became the observer right from the first exercise, on our first afternoon.
I left behind my control, I left behind the judge, Philippe.

The first powerful meditation, set the height, level at which I was committing myself for the rest of the days. A boundless being, fragmenting barriers, expansion of my being into a limitless soul, it’s difficult for me to express, as I was clearly taken to a place beyond the critical mind.

The next 3 days, past at a steady increase of intensity, the pace magically set by a Sophia that orchestrated and nurtured the 8 of us into places of our being we had never seen, heard-of and lived. I believe that this small community will never separate and have become tied by an invisible love line. 

This was clearly all about a universal shift for humanity. Recommended for those that care for our future.

Yesterday’s closure session after the OMR retreat, which lasted an hour and a half, was all about me. I am totally satisfied to have used this time and I have cut away from limiting issues in my life. Enough, Stop, respect me, now respect me for what and who I am, in my light and the great creator of my destiny, the driver of my future, in line with what I correspond to.

The work is endless, exciting and gathering all aspects that belong to me. Into my physical body to flourish, and justly rewarded for my work.

Thank you, Sophia. You are a transformer.

Love, Philippe

OMR® Retreats are life transforming